What sort of typist are you?


I would like to know where your eyes are fixed when you are typing something. I mean, are they on the keyboard or on the monitor? [color=red]Are you a fast typist or a slow one? For me, I am a miserable one!


P.S. Is the expression in red correct grammatically?

Hi Tom

Have you ever heard of the popular Hunt and Peck System? My system of typing bears a striking resemblance to that. 8)


Your [color=red]red sentence is fine.

Tom, there are many programmes that can improve your typing speed. Try them! As for me, I’m typing pretty fast at the moment using all my fingers.8)

PS. While typing I always look at my keyboard :lol:

When I type I don’t look at my keyboard.
Of course now you can rely on some software to help your typing. I just feel a little uneasy because I don’t write often( use my pen). Now it seems to me that I 'd better not use computers so much.


When typing, I’m looking only at the keyboard (and sometimes at the text, if re-type something :)).
Moreover, I’m doing it even when typing in Russian and the keyboard hasn’t Russian characters marked on keys :slight_smile:

But both my children do it looking on the screen only. Just different techniques.
As I can see, many (most?) UK schoolchildren don’t look at the keyboard when typing.

Hi Tom,

I’m just grateful that the end product of what I type doesn’t show that I have only used two fingers. The other week I was in one of those internet rooms quietly two fingering away at the keyboard not daring to look at the screen for fear of writing gibberish when someone went into a nearby booth. He was one of those people who manages to type at a rate of knots and make that sound they do as of a constant gentle machine gunning. This made me freeze and I just sat there pretending to read through what I’d written until he left.


Nice expression! I hadn’t heard about it, but know now that you can be either a hunt and peck typist or a touch typist, if you type at all, that is.

Tom, you’ve somehow resuscitated this old thread:

How fast can you type?

Hi, Tom!
I have won a regional typing championship, therefore I consider myself a fast one.
8) :shock:

When I was 16 I decided to take a typing course at night school. In our group I was the only participant from my school class as none of us had a computer so was no point in learning to type. So once a week I would grab my father’s typewrite and take it to night shool where I learned to type along with office clerks and secretaries. Most of my classmates made fun of me saying I should get a more useful hobby.
Today I’m glad I took that course because it saves me a lot of time and energy…[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: At the kindergarten[YSaerTTEW443543]


Months and months of programming, chatting, participating in Internet forums and typing my grandfather’s manuscripts on the PC have made me a relatively fast typist. This includes rarely looking at the keyboard while typing and using all fingers to get the job done.

My record is 371 characters per minute (74 words per minute) with 3.5% errors in English and 263 cpm (53 wpm)/4.2% errors in Bulgarian (the keyboard layout is the same as the Russian one). I’m curious about SkiIucK’s results so that I can compare mine with a professional :wink:

I would recommend this free Russian application [color=red]to whomever wants to improve or test [color=red]their typing skills:
Homepage: stamina.ru/
Download Link: stamina.ru/files/StaminaSetup.exe

P.S. Did I get the words in red right? My aim is to smooth out my English and be able to use more complicated expressions without making a fool of myself :wink:


Hi all,

I don’t know exactly I’m fast or slow typist,but while typing process I look both at keyboad and at monitor.I guess I’m slow one.
I know that in US and other developed countries have special computer lessons for typing fast at schools,so their citizens can learn how to type faster since their childhood, even if they don’t have own computer, but in my country you must find your own style how to type faster and even if you have own computer, it wil be difficult for you to learn typing faster.

Hi Stanislav, yes those phrases look good.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi, sls!
Your accomplishments are pretty impressive. Mine are much lower. I score 280-300 in both Bulgarian and English for extensive periods of typing.

Thank you, Torsten! I just love this forum where people can discuss interesting topics and improve their English at the same time :slight_smile:

SkiIucK, I don’t think your results are actually lower. First of all, this record of mine was achieved when typing only for 5 minutes. Secondly, I’m not sure about the regulations of typing competitions but I’d think it’s much harder than staying comfortably at home and typing on the home PC. To accurately measure who types faster, we would need to take the same test.


The competition goes like this: you get seated on a PC, and then start typing for 20 minutes. The text for the competition is not some random talk, but rather a scientific subject. After the twenty minutes have passed, one receives 2 minutes to look over his text for any mistakes that were made during the twenty minutes. That`s it.