what score is considered good in GRE

Hi everyone, I have realised how important gre is if you want to do masters and will be giving it sometime soon. Can anyone tell me how much would one need to score in GRE for it to be considered good? thanks

Hey, even I intend to prep for gre. will you be intersted in preparing together maths and english vocabulary?


reply to this post if you are interested.

And I amnot sure as to what is considered as a good score in gre.

hiya … i find it better to do combined study … but how do you propose this to work … i live in coventry and may start to work during the weekdays … i was planning to study weekends.

Depends on what major you’re going for…if it’s engineering or other heavy quant stuff, you need as close to 800 on quant as possible. Verbal, you won’t need as high and 600 would be fine.

For liberal arts degrees, verbal should be at least 700 to be really competitive, while a quant in the 600s would be ok.

If you can study more than just weekends, even just one hour a night, that will help. Start with Cracking the GRE. Very good overview of the test and strategies that are easy to use. A good vocab book is Word Smart for the GRE.

Get the Powerprep tests from gre.org and also the official guide, although I’m not sure how accurate they are compared to the real test anymore. Some people say Powerprep is easier now. Can anyone comment on that?

Lets plan what to read for the week and also the weekends. you can read in the week when ever you are free.In case we need any discussion or have to memorize vocabulary we could talk in skype. Tell me your opinioin.


Thanks a lot lk50df. Another question how long do you think one needs to prepare to get a good score in GRE?

idus, by when do you plan to give GRE. what book will you be studying from. I have the princeton review and barron’s how to prepare for gre.

I have been planning to study for GRE for so long but never quite got around to doing so. I want to apply for MSc Management and Strategy at LSE but they want GRE score. i will call them tomorrow to see if i can send them my application first and send the gre scores later.

i am planning to give by march 15th. well even i wanted to sit tight and prepare but was not able to till now. what abt you? when do you paln to give? my email is idus_2006@yahoo.co.in.

hi im also interested in preparing gre can we share our experiences and knowledge together.

Hi… i would like to prepare for GRE. I need a partner to do combine study