What recent news story has affected you the most? In what ways?

Question: What recent news story has affected you the most? In what ways has it affected you? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

According to a recent news story on the internet that a female student was be raped and then killed in the toilet, while the suspect was given a reprieve, which has affected me the most. So young was the girl that had left the world. In addition, It’s at the university that the suspect, a senior male student, and the victim studied, receiving higher education. Another point that many people cannot accept is that the suspect was reprieved rather than executed immediately. Under these circumstances feel I sorrowful, astonished and interrogative.

First and foremost, only at the age of 20, the most splendid time for a girl, has she slipped away quietly. Seldom are people not regretful for her death. She was so
diligent and modest that she tried her best to study during the school days, while she had not the opportunity to put theory into practice, to render back to her parents, also to enjoy her life. As for me, a person as youthful as her, I do cherish every minute of my life and live it to the fullest.

On the other hand, the suspect, an upper grade student, has learned for about 15 years, so how could he do such a thing to a junior schoolgirl? I was wondering that access to knowledge and good living conditions, why doesn’t he put his mind on study or think about returning to his family and the society? Even at this time of day, we also need preserve the traditional moral culture to advance moral cultivation among university students.

Last but not the least, the result of adjudge drove us to think as well. Opposed to two years’ probation are those people who hold the opinion that this suspect should pay a heavier price so as to awaken his conscience, at the same time, to reveal the gravity of the case, also to call for the conscience of society.

If she were alive, she would have more wonderful things to experience. If she were alive, she would have many opportunities to put practical knowledge to work. This news story was mournful, astounding and of profound meaning. From my perspective, as a social citizen with a good education, every member should be a person who is answerable for his behavior, conscious, moral, and abide by the law and discipline.

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This is my first attempt to practise TOEFL essay written 2 days ago.

I think this news story affected me in the aspects of sensibilty, morality and conscience.

But I don’t know clearly about the question “in what ways has it afftectd you” and whether or not I have expressed in this essay.

Because I’m not used to use English to discribe or express my feeling and it’s neither “agree or disagree” nor “contrast and compare”, and is somewhat like an opening essay(?)

So if I’m wrong with this title, please tell me. Thank you!