What means the acronymous RAL


what means the acronym RAL refering to the salary questions?

The sentence is:

‘The current RAL range is 50-55 euros.’

Hi Velectro,

RAL stands for Refund Anticipation Loan.
Hope this helps.

PS: Your question should read “What does RAL mean?” or “Could you please tell me what RAL means?”[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks for the correction.
This sentence refering to a vacancy, so the RAL would refer to a compensantion, something similar Annual gross income, or hourly income.
Do you know other means of this acronym?

Can you give me a little context? RAL can also stand for Recommended Allowable Limit.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Yes, is a job propose, and in the description of the benefits, at salary voice you have ‘RAL range 50-55 euros’.

What type of job is it? Sounds like RAL is some type of rate such an hourly pay rate.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Perfect, I’m agree, is a sales manager position for the high technology market. Would be really useful to understand what precisely means. For calculate the salary. I’m interested.

Maybe you can find the job description and post it here? Also, please note that “agree” is a verb so you sentence should read I agree.

Grazie per il tempo che mi hai dedicato.

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I found the job description:

Controlling Manager

Company: Hays Accounting&Finance (Italy)
Location: Italy-Lombardia
Remuneration: Ral 60000 + company car e bonus 10-15%
Position Type: Employee
Employment type: Full time
Updated: 27 Apr 2007
eFC Ref no: 270355

I quoted only the job reference, because the job description is in Italian.
I hope that can be useful.

Dear Torsten,

I understood where was the problem, they write a job description entirely in english but used and italian acronyms, infact RAL means (Reddito annuo lordo). Because I have contacted many friends in USA and none knows this term, instead is usually used in Italy.

So, thank for your help