What kind of woman can be called smart woman?

When people enter their thirties, they feel that they are losing something…
I am preparing for my 30s… but how to be a smart woman who can deal with her stress and pressure, feeling happy every day?

It ia hot in Shenyang… I am looking forward to your reply…

How to check out who are on line here? Is somebody here?

I think u shouldn’t think that u r losing somthing
becoase as u know emotinal side is the most affected one
in getting comfortable life or as u said thertiens

No. there’s nobody here but us chickens.

The Girl Is So Dangerous
Take Away My Money
Throw Away My Time
You Can Call Me Honey
But You’re No Damn Good For Me
(( M.J )) :smiley:

Ha ha, I love MJ

me too :smiley:

Dear toota…,
What is the meaning of this word “thertiens”? Do you mean to say thirteen or error in typing.

Hi Laura,
You are already a smart person. No doubt about it. I pray for you everyday.
I am very much glad to have your friendship. When will you send me your photo(s)?
Thank you once again.
Noren Lee

Hi Fuddle,

I am Bala from India. when you cross 30 years old physically you lose your activity gradually. Because the hormones decrease their work slightly. But nothing to worry. Take good food, Do yoga and exercises daily, talk to friends , share everything with someone whom you believe, be happy. Everything will alright and under your control. I am sure you will the Smart women. Be bold to face anything. For more information , Feel free to write a private message to me. Thanks



Hi Balamba, Nice suggestions. Please help me too.

“Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women.”

Hi Bagheera, I fully agree with you. But, what do you say if someone says it the other way round?

Hi Noren,

Thanks for your comments.

What can i do for you?


Hi Bala,

You are most welcome.

Nothing at this time.