What kind of sports do you like?

I like to watch football, tennis and martial arts.

I like to play tennis. I still wish to continue to learn martial arts. It’s my favourite sport.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw! Good topic! I told it many times on this site, that I play tennis and I go swimming. But I first time hear that YOU play tennis! That is the one more thing, that we have in common! That is also another reason that we should meet in the half of our way. Where could it be? Maybe somewhere close to our new studio?


Thank you Alicja,

You must be a Monica Selleck of Poland. I play tennis to a standard. Swimming is a No way for me. You know I jump into water at 10’, swim a bit and at about 6’ I walk to the edge. I never swim more than 15’. My god forbids it.

But nowadays I’m always thinking to learn Burmese double sword martial arts techniques. It’s amazing. Perfect Art.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw! Tennis is my beloved sport! I used to be a maniak about it. And I used to be a tennis competitor, years ago. By the way, I still practice it with pleasure. Swimming, mainly for to be healthy, and during the winter ,since I finished with the skis, is the only accessible sort of sport for me.

About Burmese double sword martial arts techniques,I can’t say anything. I just have no idea what it is going about.


Burmese double sword martial arts?

It’s all about how to chop someone this way and that way, and that way and this way like a master chef. But when you master it you don’t want to chop anyone , anymore. He…

That’s the thing - ** to be a master to see the reality of the basics. Savvy?

kind regards.