what is your name indirect

“What is your name”

I want to change into indirect

and also

"I am pleased to meet you "

Do you mean you would like an indirect way of asking that question?
Don’t forget that British and American native English speakers would not find a direct question such as ‘what is your name?’ as impolite as it might sound to you. However, you could use any of these examples:
I was wondering what your name is?
Please can you tell me your name.
Could you tell me your name, please?
I’d like to know what your name is.
I’m not sure what your name is.

‘I am pleased to meet you’ is not a question and definitely not impolite as it stands. If you wish to make it more indirect, I suppose you could say,
“It is a pleasure (for me) to meet you.” but this seems to be changing the statement unnecessarily to my native English speaker ears!

I am sorry I didn’t indicate what I meant clearly

I want to start the sentence with

He asked what my name (is or was) ?

and the same at the second one

So you want direct to indirect speech:

“What is your name?” he asks/asked.
He asks what my name is.
He asked what my name was.

He says/said, “I am pleased to meet you.”
He says he is pleased to meet me.
He said he was pleased to meet me.

But The name never changes
Just like scientific facts , where we don’t Change into past


Your name doesn’t change, but the context does. Did he ask you yesterday or is he asking you now?
The reason the tenses change are because they are linked to the time of asking.