What is your lovable phrase in English?

Hi all,

I want to create a list of most used words, word-combinations, phrases, parentheses… and etc. of our forum members.What word, parenthesis do you like most of all in English, and which of them you like to use in your speech, or in writing process? For example, I often see TORSTEN writes this “AS A MATTER OF FACT” :smiley:
(parenthesis???) in his posts, and as I see this phrase often, I remember and use it too :oops: Now what I want is to see the others’ mostly used and lovable words, phrases in the English language and to remember them, as I feel lack of mostly used English phrases in my speech.So, please help me, and maybe you also can find the other members’ lovable phrases.( it can be funny)
I will write other examples, if I find.I think it can be an interesting list, what do you think? :smiley:

I 'm waiting for your examples, thanks in advance. :smiley:

A great idea, medeya2012!

The word I use most is please :stuck_out_tongue: (I try to be polite :wink: )

One of the English words I like most is lullaby - I like the way it sounds 8)

Sorry to say, not my favourite but the most widely spread phrase in the gaming communities is “Shut the **** up.” I leave the comment to you.

Hi Dimitar, I think Medeya was referring to phrases and idioms that are often used by members of our forum rather than slang expressions that frequently occur in gaming hangouts.

I actually might make sense to read other people’s posts more carefully in order to make out phrases they use on a regular basis. Mabye there is a pool of such expressions but then again, there might be not. Let’s see what the others have to say on this…


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