What is your dream work?

Hi all! My name is Huong. I’m studying to become a banker. I hope i can find a job in a good bank. But it is not my dream work. It sounds funny, right? Actually, i wish i were an airline flight attendant. It is really an exciting job! Because i like traveling.
So how about your dream work!


A translator would be nice. An interpreter, too, would fit, but it’s a little harder there.

My dream job would be to be an English teacher, teaching elementary English to Chinese youngsters.

Unfortunately, being old and officially unqualified, my dream will never come true.


Hi Kitos!
Your dream job is nice.
I wonder why you want to teach English to Chinese youngsters. Have u lived in China ?

Hi Lehuong, no, I have never been to any part of China, but it appeals to me as a vibrant and exciting country.

The pupils questions and essays that I read in these threads always show their keen interest in learning English, and I imagine a class of young children being most attentive and receptive to a new language.

I have always admired the Chinese people for their dedication in learning, and the pride that they exhibit toward both their elders and their nation.


I love my job, but I still want to do some different works at the same time. From my point of view, every job is interesting. I think different experiences in different fields help you to do your work better and it is fun. I have tried to do some works at one time and I liked all of them.


hey Hoado!
I recognize that I enjoy doing some different jobs at the same time as you. It can bring to me more and more inspirations and a lot of change. I think only one job is boring. You have to do the same thing at a long time. You do as a machine. It can take away your creativity and dynamic.

Hi Huong,

I am not sure about what is better between doing only one job and doing different jobs at the same time. Who knows? May be by doing only one job you will become an expert about your field. It is interesting too, isn’t it? I think chosing to do one job or some jobs at the same time depends on the people, their abbilities, and the chances.
Have a good day!

Hi all,

I wonder if “[color=red][size=117]millionaire[/size]” is a profession or a state of being only. In case it´s a job that can be learned, I´d like to. If not, I´m happy with what I have learned because life will always change the tasks for us. And you, probably, after a few years, will do something quite different from what your apprenticeship was about.