What is the meaning of the expression "I am scared shitless"?


Does the expression above equivalent to “I am not scared at all”. I can’t tell.


No, Cantik, that expression means (in more polite terms):
“I’m extremely scared” / “I’m scared to death”.

It means “I’m very afraid”.

Oh thanks, I didn’t check it up because I assumed it was coined and was not an idiom.

Oh by the way, I think my question should read “Is the expression above equivalent to …”. Funny, when I wrote it, it sounded natural.

Thanks again!

The idea behind the expression, is that sometimes when people get very frightened, they may lose control of their bowels. Thus, they don’t have any ‘sht’ in them anymore, and are therefore 'shtless’.

So, to be scared sh*tless, is as others have explained, to be very afraid or extremely scared. You’re saying you are so frightened that you, too, have had an ‘accident’ as my mother used to call them… :smiley:


Going to seize the opportunity to point out it should be ‘lose control’ and refer to


Thanks for the graphic but subtle description!