What is the difference between 'web' and 'net'?

Hi, I m fresh here.

Could anyone help me on Web versus Net?

What is the difference between ‘web’ and ‘net’?

When can we use ‘web’, when ‘net’??


Hi testtest

I assume you’re talking about the Internet and the World Wide Web? I also assume you haven’t discovered online dictionaries yet. :lol:

You can find information about the two online. :wink:
For example:

Technically speaking, the two are different. The (World Wide) Web might be seen as a part of the (Inter)net.
webopedia.com/DidYouKnow/Int … ternet.asp
But the average “non-expert” with an internet connection probably uses “the Net” and “the Web” interchangeably in many or even most sentences.

One usage difference that comes to mind would be “I have a high speed Internet connection”. (I would not use “web” in that sentence.)