What is Schweigefuchs in English?

In German this sign is called ‘Schweigefuchs’ (Silence Fox) and it’s used by school teachers and kindergarten personnel to indicate that they kids should be quiet. Is this hand sign used in the English speaking world too and if so what do you call it?


That is interesting! I have seen teachers do it here in the US, either as shown or by touching the index finger and thumb. I have never heard a name for it. Here is Dr. Evil doing something very similar!


Thanks, sir. This is a new meaning of this sign. I always thought this is only the symbol of Satan=devil=Lucifer.


Today I introduced the concept of the Silent Fox to the younger children in my Ukrainian class, and they really enjoyed it. Together we enjoyed almost 5 minutes of complete silence, and from now on we will regularly have more moments of collective silence.

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