What is "increase one's score" termed?


What is it termed in English when a student can’t pass a course and the teacher helps him pass by increasing his score.

Isn’t there any better term for “increase” in this case?

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I would simply use the word ‘falsify’ because that’s what’s happening. Many years ago I worked as an English teacher in a private school of English in another country and happened to catch the secretary ‘upgrading’ marks on an exam paper that I had spent a long time correcting following very precise marking procedures. I got quite angry about this and it wasn’t long before the school and I parted company. The parents of the students had paid a lot of money for their children to attend the school and apparently always had to have reports saying how well their offspring were doing!


Thanks, but if you want to mention the number of scores (I’m not sure about this structure) added to the real score of a student , it gets really hard to use the verb “falsify.” Is there any other more appropriate verb to be used?


I’m afraid I can’t follow your meaning. If a student fails a course because the score isn’t high enough and then the teacher increases the score so that the student then passes, surely this is falsification!!


Happens every day, in Spain. :wink:

They are called grace marks :slight_smile:

What I mean might be better clarified in the following example:

I got 7 on my English test and I failed. My dad talked to the teacher and he increased my score to 10 so that I could pass the test. When talking to my friend I went: the teacher falsified 3 scores. IS that correct?

Bumped up my score.

Hi Jraou

You could say this:

The teacher padded my score/grade by three points.”

Using the word “padded” would also add a sense of “falsify” here.

Cranked up.

You can use “normalized” or “adjusted”. I find it strange that some teachers do this. What is the point of having tests?


  1. The teacher falsified my score by giving me three extra marks.
  2. After due consideration, my score was moderated upwards by 43%.

Less specifically:

  1. The teacher was encouraged to compensate for a shocking deficiency in the test.


In which register would you expect those verbs to be found?