What is he saying


Could you transcribe what this guy is saying mediafire.com/?9r3fcinkyko9b6g
It’s very short, only one sentence (<3 seconds).

To me it sounded like:
which I had all … and all were current.



It’s all Greek to me, I’m afraid. Maybe if I heard the bit before, I might understand.


Hi Alan,

Many thanks for your concern.
I’ve uploaded a bigger chunk (>30 sec) of the recording. Could you give it a second look?


He decided to drop back check my license plates, and soon after he got behind my vehicle. He then hit his lights and pulled me over to the side of the road. At this point it’s pretty much what you would expect from any traffic stop: Officer Rickard asked me for my driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration, which I ??? ???. Then officer Rickard asked me to step to the back of the car so he could talk to me there because he was having trouble hearing me over the highway noise.

Thanks again.

To me, it sounds like “… which I had all of, and all were current”.

Thanks Dozy!
That all makes sense now. For some reason I couldn’t hear the “of”.