What is English poetry?


Is there any regular or finger ruler for English poetry? Can somebody tell me what is the difference between poetry and short essay. I hope it is not just because of to begin a new line for each sentence. For example

In the moon light
when eyes met eyes
everything seems bright
falling in your smile

If it is poetry. May be I will become a poetess too. :lol: :smiley:

Is this English poetry, IYO?

youtube.com/watch?v=b4QCYQfo … re=related

Hi Molly,

Sometimes something I can feel it but I can not understand it. Is it the same to you? following your link, I think it may be one kind of poetry, isn’t it? I’m not sure. But I don’t like it so much.

Hi Linh,

That’s a pretty broad question. Most people may have lyric poetry in mind when referring to poetry. It can be anything from John Donne to T.S. Elliot to Margaret Atwood.

That’s a nice little poem. Carry on!

In a short story your verse could sound like ‘When John walked me home after the cinema, our eyes suddenly met in the moonlight. At this very moment everything seemed very bright and illuminated. I fell for his sweet smile, and now it seems I’ve completely fallen in love with him.’

Dear Ralf,

Many thanks for your reply. I am now more understand about English poetry. As you are interested in poetry, have you ever written a poem? May I know it?

Have a nice day!

Hi Linh,

Yes, I used to write quite a lot in my student days. Back then I used to believe that the world was waiting for me to disclose my secret talents. Here’s a little love poem similar to your moon verse.

november 1, two women

tonight I met you again
everything I love
this one person
never true
a glimpse, the moon, reflections
in sight of my one eye
it is my notch
and what shines through
on a bead’s surface
waning with the moon
mi sol, gone

lit up in lanterns
later I met you
eyes drizzling
flickering in fog
a moment’s sun
born in a true eclipse
I turn in my tracks

One word, “haiku”.

Dear Ralf,

So why you said that you used to write? No more write now? That is a regret. Even I am not good at English, but that poem is impressing me.

well am another poet (amateur though) would like to join ralf and linh

How’s this one, Dear Prince?

Daffodils are out
Baa Baa go the wooly sheep
Moo moo says the cow


And this?

Orange smooth ancient lamb
Reappears heartlessly, shrill
Magnificent dumb

naughty Molly,
baby, baby…


Lovin Lihn
So cool within


Hi Linh,

Thanks for your comment. I think I’ve stopped writing because reality has caught up with me. I can tell that there are quite a number of people with a hell of a lot more talent publishing poetry, and my day-to-day existence proves elusive to devoting time and energy to the fine(r) arts; these days I feel preoccupied by work and social activities.

If you have enough time to spend on here, maybe you could put it that time to better use.

I don’t quite get your point. But I’m eagerly awaiting your feedback since you and your 3,900 indispensable contributions to this site might serve as a role model of ample spare time obliteration.

what is “better” here? I think it belong to the individual opinion. Sure that Ralf has chosen the best way for himself. For example, may be with you, Molly, the best way to answer a question is another question or a suggest. With Ralf, may be the best way to answer a question is clearly explanation and encourage another one. With me, it is my opinion only. How about you prince.charms? By the way, can you tell me about your poem?

“Budget Deliberations on a Rainy Sidewalk”

“By golly!” rasped Molly
As she splish-splashed through the rain
“Next time I’ll defer this folly
Buy a ticket for the trolley,
To hell with my piggy bank!”


Hi, I found this forum very interesting. When I was taking some English classes years ago, one of my teacher gave us the “strange” homework. She asked us to write haikus, giving us just one word as a theme, like: waterfall, eagles, sun,dragonfly.I remember my pain, sitting with a pan, looking at the blank page of paper and trying to close any thought in strict order of haiku scheme.Here is the result of a good few days of thinking and caunting sylabs. Just please, don’t laugh. It was just English exercise.
“Dancing in the Air”
Dragonfly’s dancing
flirting with fresh breeze and sun
secret code of moves.

“The Spring”
Sparkling spring water
crashes in shinning diamonds
the riches from sun.

High in the mountain
inaccesible kingdom
for eagles only.

“Private Waterfall”
The brain in fire
lonely night can’t lull me bye
Waterfall of thoughts.
From this time on, sometimes I make this kind of exercises for myself.And my collection of English haikus is growing.It doesn’t mean I think I am poet, but it helps a lot with learning. what do you think? Maybe you will try, too?

Who wants to be from Nashville?

Hi Ewa,

What a good idea! I did the exercise in my class today and asked my students to create a haiku on ‘autumn’. One of my students came up with a really good poem.

Leaves fall from old trees
Silently withering still
Red orange decay