What is Doodly Doo

youtube.com/watch?v=cyrAWUTw … e=bulletin

LOL. Naughty PL asking a fake question!


urbandictionary.com/define.p … doodly-doo

sob! - I know Beverly but its because I am a fake too sob! - and with all this reality TV - everything is fake - its called reality TV - but in reality nothing is real!

Are you real?
Am I real?

Ouch!!! I don’t know about you - but I’m real!

Well strangely enough my phone number is 5555 - so this must be a film - people only have phone numbers like that in the movies

Whooooooo! I’m a film starlet. Who’d have thought it!

As time is moving swiftly - Narrators voice - Later that same day Beverly skateboarded into Tesco and grabbed 3 x 250 ml tins of processed peas - she contemplated buying some chicken but eventually decided not to - Jamie was so excited he said to himself “After such an amazing day - I think I shall make myself a cup of tea” - “easy on” said Beverly “are you not getting a bit carried away”

Can we edit that please?
I’d far rather roller-blade in… and do the peas have to be the processed variety? If it’s all the same to you I’d rather go for the garden peas.

Bev - garden peas would have been just way too far fetched - You have to try and make the story b-leaf-bubble

Baked beans?

Hell why not Bev this film could do with a bit of real action