What is bad?

I have noticed something about some German immigrants I give lessons to.

If there is a difference between something in the US and something in Germany, their immediate assumption seems to be that the American variation is “unhealthy”. Not just different, but almost always “unhealthy”.

If Fanta is a different color orange in the US than in Germany, then the American Fanta must be “unhealthy”, even though both versions contain artificial coloring, and even though Fanta is never healthy anywhere!

Some German families run around the house naked, and everybody of all ages in the family gets to see all the other people in their birthday suits. “It’s natural!” (If it’s so natural, then why do you have to talk about it?) Most American families are more private, and except for very small children, everybody runs around dressed. These “natural” Germans are very disturbed by this type of privacy, and they insist it’s “unhealthy”. I frankly grew up in that type of American household, and it wasn’t unhealthy. Our parents never taught us that there was anything dirty about the human body, but we were taught to run around dressed anyway.

I think many people from Central Europe have this annoying habit of pointing to everything and claiming it’s “unhealthy”. The Czech equivalent is to call anything “unhealthy” if it was produced in their own country or does not contain alcohol.

I am a devoted fun of fanta drink and to add something to your point of view,I may admitt that quality of fanta done by Coca Cola vary between countries and continents.
I had started to drink Fanta in massive number of cans during my years spent in West Africa countries.
The South Africa branch of Coca Cola made their fanta with some natural juice, it was different in color and more sweet.
Color was something like almost red or purpish, no orange.
I never again met later that taste and shortly after my job complition couldn’t drink any fanta at all, I have found at home drinking this to much bitter and almost sour taste.
Now is never mind again.
Once even flying back home (by coinsidence in business class) being asked which of five available champagne do I like to start with (I didn’t know even that they have in France so many, Poland is quite happy to drink Russian Champagne not particulary any French one). I answered just fanta.The very gourges stewardess insisted that I surely haven’t heard good enough or I had to be just dump by natur because she repeated question few times ignoring my fanta answer, finally final brought me annoyed one with some disbelieve on her beautifull face.
It was of course on board the Air France plain.