What is a meaningful message title and why is it important?

Once you have created your message, please think about giving it a meaningful title. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • If you give your message a clear title, forum moderators and other forum members are more likely to respond to your request and answer your questions.
  • You will attract more responses because more people will find your message in search engines such as Google.
  • A topic title is like a short summary of your post. This will make it easier for other forum members to navigate through our forum and respond to messages more quickly.
Here are some examples of unhelpful topic titles:
  • hi
  • help
  • help me
  • need help
  • let me know!
  • please help
  • question
  • idiom
  • query
  • difference
  • explanation
  • expression
  • grammar (or even worse: grammer)
  • why
  • vocabulary question
  • prepositions
  • verbs
  • doubt
  • confusion
  • please clear my doubt
  • is it correct?
Here are some examples of useful and meaningful topic titles:
  • What is the difference between 'sketch in vs. sketch out'?
  • What does this expression mean: 'make do with'?
  • Which tense is better here -- present perfect or simple past?
  • What do you think about online diaries?
  • How can I improve my pronunciation?
  • Have you ever been to an English speaking country?
Many thanks, Torsten

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Hi Dear Teacher,
I’ll do my best to give a clear title to my message from now on.
Many thanks,

Dear Sir,
I am awfully sorry. Because I do learn English By myself, so there are something i really don’t understand. I found out this website casually while I was trying some information about grammar. I was really Happy for founding out the website that would make me improve my English.
As you know being English student,of course I cannot avoid to have some stupid question and query also. Therefore I hope Sir can sympathize for my mistake.
Obviously, Making some attractive topic will make impression and help to improve our english also. But I think, Just my own opinion. We will succeed If we consider small things though it is not important and because of these things I think It will help a lot of people and something will avoid to be repeated as well.
And another reason I believe that for learning english’s people, they will be willing to help people and make them confidence either
Finally I am very happy and blissful I am your student. I hope I will be holp from you so much. I like these sentences ‘English bring us closer and closer’ and ‘Enlish is happy language’
Thanks a lot

I am awfully sorry. I didnot understand you. Forgive me please
I hope you feel free after reading my comment
one more time. I am terribly sorry

Khanhphamqn, that was a nice post. We all have to learn. Just keep trying my friend.

One step at a time, just like learning to walk.

Hello Torsten,

This is very helpful to all of us.
thank you very much!

Once again dear Torsten, thanks
sometimes I don’t think before write. you were very kind in giving some nice clue. I’ll think it over befroe next time. again thanks a lot.

Hi Torsten,

You’re right. Many thanks for your guide.I try to do it.

Have a great time.

Hello Torsten,

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I’ll remember this.

It is great help writing an emails.


Thanks Toresten I’ll try to use those points as much as possible.

Your topic is meangful! Thank you.

you are right.Thanks for great advice.

Hi dear,
thanks for your help in giving such a good clue. sorry for any inconvenience. I’ll think it over next time. Have a nice weekend.

Hello mr Torsten,
Thank you the explanation. It won’t happen again.

Thank you! Are you an English tutor?

Dear Torsten,
Thank you very much indeed for your hint. I promise to employ it.
With regard

dear torston you mean whe n i have a question &i want to write in QUICK REPLY box i should choose a better title for the first line

Hi Sama,

When you reply to another person’s post you don’t need to pay attention to the title. However, when you start a new topic the title is very important.

Hope this makes sense.

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you advice is taken by as in positive note, you are requested to advise us on regular basis.


Although, I am aware of this fact but still found it as a nice reminder. :slight_smile: thanks, Torsten.