What I love the British for

I have said this before here on our forum and will repeat it many times in the future because it is true. Our British friends are by far the number one nation when it comes to creating music that is powerful, inspiring and simply good and honest and I’m deeply grateful to them for it.

Now, can the Germans spread joy and bring people together by their music? Absolutely not. We don’t know how to make good music and our language is not fit for it.

  • I like the British for their breakfast; fry-ups! A lot of people from the continent do not like British cuisine, but I do. I’m also fond of the nice shops in York and the great atmosphere in London.

Hi Torsten,

Did you recently mention my Letter from England? If so, I can’t find it.



Oh dear, the shops in York and London - just a fond memory at the moment!


Hi Alan, just found this using the search function on the forum: Letter from England by Alan Townend

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Perhaps Alan, but I have always liked GB. It’s very special to me and I intend to live there and that day will come. And then it won’t be just fond memories at the moment, but reality.


I have many British friends and the best thing that I love in them is their sense of fashion. They always dress up like a model and they clothes, shoes, jewelry everything is proper and according to the fashion.


Hi Ella

First of all, welcome to the forum, but I would like draw you attention to the fact that ‘i’, first person singular, is spelled with a capital letter ‘I’.

Have a nice time here.

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