What historical event in your country has had a major effect on your country?

Ten years ago, Taksin Chinnawat took a position of the forty of Thai Prime minister. It brings a significant change both positive and negative sides. However, it is evident that it causes to negative sides. Although presently he did not take a position of the Thai Prime minister, the principal effects result come from him.
Taksin Chinnawat was the forty of Thai Prime minister. He is the fist person who took a position of the Prime minister in four year complete and he had elected to be a Prime minister in the second term. His policy is well-known in the lower class of country. During his position, the Thailand government can pay all debts to the IMF organization. The significant policy is the vanquish drugs. It leads to many people died. Moreover, before he was the Prime minister, he was a business man and had his own business. In addition, his properties dramatically increase. The middle class and high class of people totally opposed him. They established a yellow shirt group to object him, but there are many people to support him also. It is origination of the political conflict in Thailand. Two years ago. Taksin Chinnawat had been abolished by a coup d’etat.
Presently, he escaped to the Middle East country but he still creates chaos in Thailand by establishing a group to support him. It called a red shirt. Red shirt group results in the vast damage both economic and social. Recently, we lose a numerous income from tourism business. The significant department store closed around two weeks. The most important thing is that red shirt group has a main objective to abolish the royal institution. The royal institution is the priceless institution from the historic times to present. Nobody encroach them but now the red shirt group would like to get rid of them in order that they would like to change political way to a president.
All in all, the political conflict in Thailand goes from bad to worse because of only one person. If we are not in unity, our country will not take any action to development.

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