What has English given you?


Hello there! :smiley:

I am addicted to English. I love the language, and I love using it. I sometimes find myself thinking in English than in my native tongue. I can even read better in English than in our national language, sad to say. I like writing English sentences, speaking English to native speakers, reading books and the Web, watching American movies, and so on. I like the intellectual challenge of using a foreign language. When I learn something new about English, I feel I’m getting better and more powerful. It gives me an edge over the others who are not proficient and it makes me proud. What about you? What has English made upon your life?


Hello @Avant, I’m sorry for ignoring your post for such a long time. You are absolutely right – using English gives you an edge over those who haven’t developed the habit yet. Your post is very interesting and I’m thinking how we can promote it in such a way that other forum users respond to it. Maybe what would help is if you told us a little bit more about yourself. What is your professional background and what other languages do you know in addition to English?

I look forward to your next post and promise I’ll respond to it immediately.