What fingers?

Hello, I’m JaeHoon in South Korea.

I am reading the book, “Sometimes they come back”

But I don’t know some idioms(or not idioms) ,although merely problems in translations.

His fingers hurt very badly – What fingers? He would have to see a doctor.

I don’t understand the meaing of “What fingers” .

I don’t know-- I need more context. ‘What fingers?’ without further context means that he does not see/feel any fingers. Did he perhaps just lose his fingers in an accident?

Sounds very plausible, MM. :smiley:

Or perhaps the pain was so excruciating that he really couldn’t tell which fingers were hurting and which not.


Then it would be ‘Which fingers?’-- as you said, Tom!

It sounds to me like he had lost his fingers or hand(s) but still felt the phantom pain…