What does this phrasal verb mean: 'to do down'? Is it an idiom?

Explain to me, please, what go down means in the following sentence:

A cold beer would go down a treat.

Does it mean swallow here?

do you probably mean
to go down the throat. ??

No, Michael. I read it in a book. Here is the conversation:

  • I’m fed up with revising. Let’s go out for a beer.

  • Now you’re talking! A cold beer would go down a treat.

This phrasal verb idiom has the idea of being acceptable. Consider these :

Your speech went down well at the wedding.(People enjoyed it)

My comments about the meal didn’t go down well with the cook. (The cook was annoyed with my remarks)

On a formal occasion like this casual clothes just don’t go down at all well. (People disapprove of these clothes)

Thank you Alan and Hany.