What does the word accommodation mean in the following situation?

Students Requiring a Note-Taking Accommodation

We rely on student volunteers to serve as note-takers and we are not always able to recruit note-takers for every course. Should you experience any delay in obtaining your notes, please [contact] the Note-Taker Program Coordinator, or your QSAS advisor as soon as possible.

QSAS coordinates the exchange of notes taken by student volunteers and students registered with QSAS via our secure online portal. This exchange is strictly confidential; students requiring the note-taking accommodation are NOT identified to course instructors, nor student volunteers.

=====================================what does the word accommodation mean ? Does it still mean a place to live in? thanks.


No, it simply means ‘those students who use our service’ and the service is the notetaking.

Please let me know if this makes sense.

By the way, welcome back :wink:

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I believe in this case it addresses making special arrangements for students with disabilities. That is, a student who is visually impaired and cannot take notes could get class notes provided by this service.


Thank you very much, Torsten and Arinker.

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