What does 'Take Your Blinders Off' mean?

Hi friends,

Who can help with this idom: ‘Take Your Blinders Off’ ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi r3t3m2.

Blinders are coverings placed over a horse’s eyes which prevent the horse from seeing anything that isn’t straight ahead. When wearing blinders, the horse can’t see anything to the sides. This helps prevent a horse from being scared by things it can’t see.

The idea is that if you’re wearing blinders, you have a very narrow view of things, and you aren’t aware of everything that’s happening around you. If I tell you to take your blinders off, I’m really telling you to look at everything around you and make an informed decision based on all the information available, instead of just making decisions based upon what you know by only looking at a small part of the problem.

Thank you so much Skrej. Now I got it.

As a footnote: you might also hear “blinkers”, in BrE.


Thank you, MrP. I did not know this.

Never mind.