What does "should I just keep chasing pavements" mean?

I don’t know whether there is already a topic like this, but I would like to understand the meaning of some expressions, such as:

“… Or should i just keep chasing pavements…”

thanks a lot for your help

If you keep chasing pavements, you don’t stop following what’s called ‘sidewalks’ in American English. So you basically walk around aimlessly.

Many thanks for your explanation, Ralf.

I’m glad you threw in that “translation” into AmE, Ralf. I wasn’t familiar with that expression either. :lol:

My pleasure, I’ve chased many a sidewalk in New York :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering about those pavements too. I wonder whether the first draft involved “chasing rainbows”.


Yes, I’m sure this is where the idea originates from.

BTW, great memories of student days…