What does people make vote for their own break down?


I mean there are a lot of problems that wastes even poisons the world and mankind.

Just to name three of them:
-global finance system, that again and again collapses and is forecasted to collapse soon
-global destruction of environment
-separation of men into rich and poor as well as into different religious groups.

There are many good ideas and concepts for a solution. But instead of electing creative people in charge mankind prefers to by led by those that represent the old destructive and backwarded system.
Is it the fear for the new or rather the hope on profit?



I think it’s because the vast majority of all people worldwide don’t want to be bothered with questions like the one you posed. People are mammals and most mammals live in herds who follow a single leader.



yep, that´s it. And those single leaders are more fake prophets than good shepherds, I am afraid. :rofl:
oh btw, thanks for your time to reply, today.



I do believe an evolution which means I do think that there is progress in the way people make decisions. When you look at how we used to live a couple of generations ago you will see that we have made progress so it stands to reason that this development will continue. However, progress in society is measured by generations rather than years or even months.

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