What does it mean "Mens rea"?

Mens rea.(Basic Law)

To maintain the society meaningful ways, we need the Law(law and order) up to the mark.Without proper justice, a state can’t forward and stand on the balance of happiness. That was understood for thousand years earlier than today, like Socrates, Plato, Diogense in Greece and so on.

Later it developed in Italy as Roman was much more practical rather than Greek. Greek was very well in Philoshopy, Ethics and Arts that were sometime futile to hold on the countrty’s soverneignty. Roman was Soldier than Artist. Their views coped with much mundane thinking, how to control the society with rigid ways like modern capitalism in the developed countries, where nobody is perfectly independent! Govt. knows every information by its rigid system, like ID, Birth certificate and so on, or numerous ways, no ways to run!

Behind, common object is controlling the citizens or their rights. In a society, there are a lot of mentality, race, class etc. Their views are sometime unpredictable to make understanding.But, it is not well,thinking so-unpredictable!

Criminology much more depends on “Mens rea”(Guilty mind) concept today as well as in the past. When a crime ocurres in a place, immediately police tries to detect behind the causes of such specific crime. OH! that was the old flame that causes this murder by the old mate,etc we often hear these types of verdicts in the Newspapers or in the court trials.

As “Mensrea” is the root of or mother of all crimes on earth, we must understand it much conscious ways as it can do safe us from unwanted crime that we are not much conscious as well!

Generally, law is always conscious about a man’s mentality as it can reveal many things. Like,if a person is much vocal, we can see he is not much more articulate to make conspiracy than who is silent! Silence is sometime dangerous alarm on the eye of law. But we in the society always make a punishement over this element who cried more rather than silence one.We say, unbearable, untolarable this chap is, etc.

Criminolgy generally identifys him much more candid and fool, nothing else. Abatement is the same crime as principal crimes or much dangerous in grade. So we must always identfy the plot maker/s behind the scene.

Abetment(Basic Law)

It is an another most heinous crime as on the eye of basic, English or common law.
We everybody must aware of this law as anybody may involve here with common intention or common object, although you were not involved here! How?

(Basic Law)

Like, three people gathered to meet one man in a house. One was the initiator and a bad man, the others are not so.

First one said, please go with me to the X house asking my money that x owed me
long day. Three people agreed and went there to X house, suddenly initiator pulled out his pistol and shot x where the others even had any idea of existence of pistol which he (initiator)carried!

The others even didn’t touch the x too!

Solution: If initiator gets capital punishment, the others will get so though they have no personal involvement in the murder! This is called bad companion in the law!

British Privy Council had given several ordered like this one hundred years ago, I heard,
so far my knowledge it is almost same now a days too.
Suggestion: we must careful to make friendship and involving with undue activities that can leads anybody’s life hell. It is most important to hold on our juvenile young
chaps as well as who are ignorance of law etc.
More please see: Common intention Vs. Common objective.

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