What does it fee like? vs. How does it feel?

Hi, what is the difference between these two questions:

What does it fee like?
How does it feel?

Thank you in advance.

I don’t think there’s any difference, Nicole. It’s just two ways of saying the same thing. ‘How does it feel’ might sound a bit less casual. It would be interesting to have another opinion, though.

Hi Nicole

I also think the two sentences can be used interchangeably.

However, a response to ‘What does it feel like?’ can be a noun, and that isn’t possible for ‘How does it feel?’, which would be answered with an adjective.

Maybe I’m stretching things a bit here, but here’s my example:

Imagine you and a friend are in a zoo at night. Suddenly all the lights go out and you can no longer see anything. :shock: You’re blindly trying to find your way out, with hands outstretched, when you bump into something big. You can’t see it, but you can touch (feel) it.

Your friend asks, ‘What is it?’
You reply, ‘I’m not sure.’
Your friend asks, ‘Well, what does it feel like?’
You answer, ‘It feels like a gorilla.’

In this (admittedly far-fetched) example, I doubt if your friend would find any need for the question: ‘How does it feel?’ :smiley: :wink:


Hi Nicole,

As usual you come up with some interesting questions and also with:

I am assuming that this is the sort of question addressed to someone who has just experienced/is experiencing a new situation as in:

What does it feel like being fired?
How does it feel being fired?

There’s a tv programme showing in the UK at the moment where a multi millionaire is trying to find a suitable Apprentice (the name of the programme) from 14 applicants. They are given tasks to complete in 2 teams and the team that earns more money wins and the other loses. Out of the losing team one member is fired each week. The programme is followed immediately by an interview with the loser. The first question would be: What does it feel like being fired by Sir **** ? This would be a specific question about a specific situation.

The second question: How does it feel being fired? is of a general nature without reference to any particular situation.


Or maybe they would! A typically British reaction might be to answer something like: “Um, it feels soft and furry, actually”. And then they might add: “Gosh, your hair needs a good trimming, whoever you are!” (aren’t they supposed to always keep their cool?).

I liked your example, Amy! It doesn’t really stretch the imagination (well, maybe a bit): anything is possible in this world we are living in…