What does 'high hopes' mean? Is it an idiom?

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/inter-56 “High and Low”, question 2

I have high that we will succeed with our project in view of all the interest we have received.

(a) feelings
(b) sensations
© hopes
(d) views

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/inter-56 “High and Low”, answer 2

I have high hopes that we will succeed with our project in view of all the interest we have received.

Correct answer: © hopes

Your answer was: [color=red]incorrect
I have high feelings that we will succeed with our project in view of all the interest we have received.

Why word feelings doesn’t fit in here?

Here [color=red]hopes indicates the future as in the sentence [color=green]‘we will succeed’.

I prefer feelings as answer because hope is never a plan.

So you’d prefer an incorrect answer? That is your prerogative. However, it doesn’t make it correct - it just serves to prove your inadequacies when it comes to English.

To have high hopes of something is an idiomatic phrase. It means to expect the best or to hope for success.
“Ben has high hopes for his son, including a university education.”


Talking of ‘High Hopes’ gives me a chance for a bit of self promotion.



If you say “I have high feelings that we will succeed” you have coined your own phrase which nobody will use except for yourself. This is almost like creating a language that nobody understands. By the way, your explanation doesn’t make any sense. What do you mean by ‘hope is a never a plan’? Following your logic, ‘feelings’ are a plan while hope is not. I’d say all of this is pure drivel and a waste of time.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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What’s I’m driveling about is if you have your own business you can always have some feelings even high feelings as you are now, but you don’t have yet any hope .
A hope is never a plan.

Would you care to rephrase your statement so that it makes sense in English? You seem to be using your own made-up language.

Maybe Nabil is talking to us through Google Translate. He types his message in Arabic and has Google translate it into English for us.

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Yes I’m trying to know to what extent we can accept some new forms and how the mind can easily be frozen.
I’m for any dynamic language.

You are using a translation website?

All languages are dynamic if they are in regular use. However making up languages by using words found in English isn’t dynamic - it’s unfathomable.

I know that such devices have serious limitations because they have no ‘feel’ for the language. If you are using one then it explains a lot.

Torsten asked if you were. We appear to have had the answer ‘yes’. Is that correct?

Would you care to rephrase your statement into English so that it can be shared with all, instead of using your made up language, which is so unique it is understood only by you?

I think Nabil might actually be better off using Google Translate because the software doesn’t try to twist the language intentionally. Nabil, on the other hand does. He speaks in riddles on purpose using English words incorrectly and making up phrases even he himself might not understand.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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The strong hand of executive authority in this website interfered in my sentences and interfered with my high hopes.
Your Google translator assumption is entirely gratuitous.

Would you care to translate your made-up statement into English, so that the majority of forum users can understand it, instead of just yourself?

Hi Nabil,

Glad you’re enjoying our site. Tell me, what exactly are your high hopes?


Hi Aain,

My first hope is to change daily usages and modes of thinking in this site and insinuate what may possible happen if some people acquired for a long enough time some skills and they feel entitled to claim the authority or even the privilege to make their language the standard to do things, even sometimes in wrong way and the norm from which we should not deviate.

I will reveal others in their time.

Can’t wait!


A pregnant woman needs seven months at least.

Good grief.