what does "get on the grind" mean?

Does it have a specific meaning?
Thank you in advance.

I’ll need the whole sentence at least, Dodgewiper.

Hi Dodgewiper,

do you mean “to get a grind on somebody” as in “to play a trick on somebody”?

Or “being on the grind”: being really busy, toiling (grinding away)?


Hi Claudia and Mister Micawber, I’ve seen this term in some rap songs. I give you some more contents:

  1. “Won’t be around to give you that time
    Gotta get on the grind and get to that paper
    That I can do…”

  2. “I’m just doin my thang, you know the units the game
    I got my grind, me shady wit me…”

It looks to me like ‘grind’ just means ‘daily (work) routine’.

Thank you M.M., It looks to me that your answer is true.:slight_smile: