What does "fussy-fade-starvation" mean?

What do fussy- fade-starvation mens? Could you give some examples, pleased?

Hi Estela

If that is supposed to be one word (hyphenated), I’ve never heard it used. It only sounds like nonsense to me.

You can find definitions of each of the three pieces of that hyphenated “word” (along with examples of usage) in various online dictionaries. You will probably find this site very useful:

Just type in the word you are looking for and it will give you a list of various dictionaries. For example:
onelook.com/?w=starvation&lo … cwo=1&ls=a

The Cambridge Dictionary usually provides examples of the words used in sentences:
dictionary.cambridge.org/results … word=fussy
dictionary.cambridge.org/define. … &dict=CALD
dictionary.cambridge.org/define. … &dict=CALD