What does 'earthly spendor' mean?

Can you tell me what does ‘earthly spendor’ mean?

Hi Rebecca

It is always helpful if you post phrases in context.

Without any context, your phrase apparently refers to beautiful, heavenly things that can be found on earth (i.e not in heaven).

Hi rebecca,

Did you mean ‘splendour’?


That would be the British spelling, SkiIuck:
splendor vs splendour

Hi Rebecca,

Do you mean ‘earthly spendor’ or ‘earthly splendor’? By the way, your question should read like this:

Can you tell me what ‘earthly spendor’ means?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I assumed that Rebecca meant to type ‘splendor’ since the word ‘spendor’ doesn’t exist. Without any context, the likely collocation seems to be ‘earthly splendor’.

I mean ‘splendor’ :oops: