What does AOC stand for?

Hi, can you please tell me what ‘AOC’ stands for in the following sentence?

The company is consisted of 3 subsidiaries with each carrying its own AOC.

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The company consists of three subsidiaries, each carrying its own area of concentration. (? - that’s just a guess; more information about the nature of the company might reveal a more specific meaning.)

Also, notice that a company ‘consisting of subsidiaries’ is a little odd, since presumably the company is a larger entity with 3 subsidiaries but also with considerably more in and of itself.

I mean it’s about the brand name AOC international that produces of CRTs, TFT LCDs and TV LCDs.

I don’t see how that meaning would work with the wording “each carrying its own AOC”. I wondered if it meant “Appellation d’origine contrôlée” (a wine certification), but it’s just a random guess…

(or “Air operator’s certificate”?)

In my humble opinion, in many cases the third letter could stand for “Certificate”

If it were a case of an alliance consisting of, for example, three airline companies it could stand for “Air Operator Certificate”.