What does "all the same" mean?

Even though Redhill Market and Food Centre and Bukit Merah Central Food Centre are not Covid-19 hot spots, they are situated close enough for patrons to avoid all the same.

What does “all the same” mean?



It doesn’t add new information to the sentence and just means that it would be better to simply not visit those places. It’s similar to the phrase ‘in the first place’.


All the same = anyway
There are several synonyms, but anyway is the simplest and most common way of saying it.

“Even though” is often paired with “anyway”. It’s making a statement that might lead to one conclusion or action, but there is a reason to do something else.

“Even though” is setting it up for some kind of exception. Terms like “all the same”, "anyway, “regardless” or “none the less” all reinforce the exception. It makes it somewhat more clear that it is an exception.

In the case of your example, the initial conclusion is implied. Because those places are not hot spots for Covid-19 it’s implied that there is no need to avoid them. However, because they are close together there is an exception, so patrons should avoid them [anyway].