What does a friend mean to you?

Hi everyone…

In this time, I’d like to talk about the meaning of friendship. For me, a friend could mean much. If she/he is understanding about your problems and willing to help you cope with them.

Now I have some close friends and I’m very happy since so far they’re very kind. They always make me happy and laugh. When i’m down, they really support me and back me up.

What do you think? and how about your friends? let me know

I think that’s up to a person to decide what are his friends and what do they mean… I know a person whose friends are only rich young men and he uses the only because of their money…that’s rather sad… that is my brother.
I know another girl who adores all her friends, is eager to forgive everyone, who will all always come and help, who will never regret and do something for the friendship’s sake. and that is me… I don’t have a lot of true and close friends, but I think that’s not so bad as one may think. My best friends are “my own”. Other friends are just “my”… And I suppose it’s far more important to have a few “own” friends then to roam about others searching for understanding and support.

First - I don’t have many close and real friends and I never had because I define friendship as something very deep. Of course I had many classmate or now have many study fellows I spend time with - but I wouldn’t call them “friend”.
A friend for me is someone I can 100% trust, whom I can tell everything. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I meet him or her every day - more it does mean that you’re still somehow connected to each other even if you haven’t spoken for weeks.
The person I’d call my best friend I even hardly ever see because she lives not so close to me - we’ve got to know each other over the internet, she’s 15 yrs older than me - but though I’m very close to her and she very close to me. That’s definitely a sign for me that friendship is independet from age.

Oh , Stefani, you’ve touched a rather sentimental topic-Internet-friends. That’s a difficult problem to discuss especially for me, you know, for I had such an experience last spring and t’s still going on…
We both got acquainted in a rather strange and unbelievable way-we read our online diaries, then ICQ… rather typical of such situations. He lived abroad at that time though he’s from Moscow himself. But in June he returned. And he promised we would meet. And I believed… It was a sincere friendship full of hardships which we both tried to overcome together looking at our photographs… And then he came… he turned up to tell me he was leaving for St Petersburgh with some of his friends… Of course that was OK… That time I didn’t know that the time I began to hate him was approaching. He disappeared for the whole summer… I was searching for somebody to help me… I thought I was already in love with him then… But he just sent me a message in September telling he was looking for me… that’s a strange and even silly matter… I just wanted to tell it somebody… I even guess you’re not so much interested in it… But still I’m waiting for him to want to meet him one day… I just simply hope…