What do you think about the so-called (Freedom For Women) in the Mid-East?

Have ever read anything by Nawal Al-Sa’dawi?
Do you know what she wants?
She says that she wanted her freedom as a female oppressed in the middle east. But in which ways is she oppressed?

Another question that has to be answered clearly by those who defend such writers: Why does those feminists ( like Al-Sa’dawi ) link their freedom with apostasy ( abandoment of the the Islam Faith )?

Then is this the freedom they want? Atheism and Paganism.

Don’t anyone get me wrong. I’m completely with the equality for women but not in this blasphemous way. And the major problem is that these heretics are welcomed by the west and also supported and offerred asylum.

So what do you think?

Hi Peaceful Storm,

I am not familiar with Nawal Al-Sa’dawi’s writings and am therefore unable to comment on what she thinks or wants.

I think every single human being in the world should be free to choose their religion. Freedom of religion is an important basic human right, in my opinion.

In what “blasphemous way”?


Hi Englishuser
I agree with you that everyone is free to choose his religion.I’m not so narrow-minded to believe otherwise, but the problem with those poeple is not here. those don’t only want to quit the religion of Islam but also to defame and humiliate Islam and present it to others in a very distorted way.

If you don’t believe in something, this refers to your own contentment and personal ideas, but you don’t have the right, I believe, to attack the issue ( i.e the religion ) and attack those who believe in it and describe them as fools. I think this is beyond their limits.

for example, I don’t believe Judaism is right, but still I don’t criticize it and I don’t hate or humiliate those who believe in it.

Is this clear now?

Hi Peaceful Storm,

Thank you for clarifying your point of view. I also do not think we should mock people for being religious. I agree with you that it is impolite to tell someone they are stupid because of their religious beliefs. I would avoid discussing religious matters with people unless I knew the people I was talking to well enough to be sure they can take part in this type of conversation without getting offended.

On the other hand, I do not think it is wrong to critically analyse the way different religions are practiced. If religion A teaches that we should kill all people who are attracted to people their own sex, I would be tempted to fight against the idea (and the enforcement of it). Most of the time, it is not the religion itself that is to blame, but rather the people who interpret religious scriptures in a particular way.

All the best


I want to tell you something really painful. In our society thesedays people who want to get to fame quickly they criticize their own religion though they don’t believe that their religion is wrong. their only motivation for writing is to appeal to the west and to America in particular.

Now thesedays most people in the world think that Islam is a terrorist religion and that it promotes violence and enforcement. the reason for this belief is simply a wrong generalization based on actions of the so-called terrorist groups. In actual fact, we as ordinary moslems hate these groups more than Americans or westerners do and they evoke in us terror and shame as well, this is not the real face of Islam and those people don’t belong to it.

BUT we are not given the chance to prove how peacful and friendly we are.
So our major problem is the terrorists and the writers who wants to appeal to Islam-haters.

See what I’m saying?

Probably most people, when they sit down and think about it, would not say that Islam is a violent religion.

I mean read the Old Testament of the Bible… the history of Judah/Israel is full of war and oppression.

What’s giving Islam a really, really, really bad name is the wanton violence of the few who are militant – those few bad apples are shading public opinion.

Still, I think most can make that distinction: a few bad apples are responsible, not the religion.

Let’s look at a sentence – I’ll make one up:

“People should not eat grapes.”

To some, that just means that people should not eat grapes. To most people, the lesson taken would end there. But to others – probably just a few – that statement implies that anyone who eats grapes should be tortured and/or killed.

So it is that the violent Islamic fundamentalists – small minority of all Muslims – have taken what are probably (more or less) innocent/non-aggressive statements in the Qur’an and used them to “authorize” these senseless, bloody attacks.

…and those who talk like Peacful Storm…what with name calling like blasphemous and heretics…It’s hard to buy his BS about believing in equality…yeah like you are my equal as long as you do what I say…that kind of equality?

Hi Peacful Storm,

First off I’d like to say that your English is very good and it would be great if there were more people like you because you try to analyze the society you live in. By sharing your ideas and beliefs with others here on the forum you trigger an important thinking process. As for generalizations, I think they exist in many aspects of our lives because without them life would probably impossible. You say that most people in the world think that Islam is a “terrorist religion” and I know exactly what you mean. However, how can you be sure that your statement isn’t a wrong generalization too?

How do you know that “most” people think about Islam that way? You would have to ask “most people in the world” which is simply impossible. Also, how important are the opinion of “most people in the world”? The vast majority of all people in all societies are followers. (another generalization) They want to be governed, they want to be told what to do, they don’t want analyze religions because they are struggling with more tangible problems such as paying off their loans, filing their divorce, feeding their kids, getting along with their boss, finding the right birthday gift for their wife, etc.

But they do want to have an opinion on the really big issues and because they don’t have the time and mental energy to read all the information about religion, history and world politics they consume the pre-fabricated mainstream opinions offered by the mass media. It’s like eating fast food – it’s quick, convenient and superficial.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi, :smiley:

in fact this real rule in Islam

Our Allah create human and give their minds.

everybody is free in his or her choice


Dear Mr. Diverhank

Do you believe that theives are bad? I bet you would say yes. But, how come then we are living by the rule that says that everyone is free to choose their job. But why then are those bad? the answer is simple those people are bad because they have gone too far with their freedom to the extent that their freedom hurts others.

Now those whom I call “balsphemous and heretics” have done the same thing. They are really free to choose their religion but they’re not free to call me stupid and make fun of me and my fellow muslims and make fun of our rituals and spread their mockery of us all over the world. And when this distorted picture of me reaches you, you might die laughing at me and say," What a jerk!" regardless of the fact that their description is full of lies.

Dear friend, I’m not an extremist, but I believe in my religion and I love my culture, Besides, I have friends all over the world who belong to different religions and some others who are atheists and I adore them all because they are free - and I’m free too - to believe in whatever we are convinced by and we have no problems.

See buddy?

Hi Peaceful Storm,

What do you think about Nawal Al-Sa’dawi and what is it that she wants?

All the best


Peaceful storm, I’m sorry I do not see (your logic) and I’m not your buddy. To me, you have no idea what freedom is and there is no amount of argument will change either your mind or mine. Let’s just say we agree to disagree and leave it at that.


sorry for being late to post a response I was having a tough time.

Well, regarding Nawal I think she made the wrong choice of expressing her freedom as a woman, to the extent that she calls for the eradicating of the Islamic morals from her society and she attacks Islam and moslems in a direct and vicious way. In one of her novels entitled (Fardous) she considers Prostitution as an honorable thing in which a woman can have her complete freedom. In another novel she humiliates God and His believers i.e Muslims. she describes Mecca and the pilgarmage as a pre-islamic habit and has nothing to do with religion.

In an Islamic society I think this too much.

And as for Diverhank sorry for calling you my buddy, but I am waiting for you to send me a clear definition of “FREEDOM”, OK?

Hi Peacful Storm,

Do the women in your country have the same rights as the men? I think when it comes to defining freedom we should stick to tangible examples and situations. So let’s say a woman in your country falls in love with a young atheist from the US. Is she free to marry him? What about the veil, are women in your country free to decide whether or not they want to wear one?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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