What do you think about Cyber Love?

Nowadays, Internet is something inseparable with our daily activities, for getting more knowledge or information, for sharing and connecting with many people around the World, etc. But the fact that can not be deniable, people can engage in Cyber Love whenever they chat intensively in chat room with others. Imagination is the mother of everything, I got this nice “proverb” from the one who madly likes chatting and he’s truly enjoying to talk about sex matter with his partner in chatting. What do you think about Cyber Love, is it something stupid and useless? Just wasting our time by doing that?

Hi Pipiii,

whenever I hear or read the word “Cybersex” or “Cyberlove”, it makes me think of receiving nutrition and liquids through a vein tube: you’re being fed, but you’re not actually getting any food. :wink:


Dear Claudia,
I m so impressed with your words…so deep…and meaningful…Yeah…I do agree with you…it can be analogous to something we feel really get…as like we catch up the shadow, we feel it 's so real,but in fact we get nothing…:slight_smile: But for certain people it can satisfy them, otherwise there are some others who truly got heartache because their partner turned around from them because of some reason…

Cybersex? A good thing! It’s funny :o)
But sometimes … you think it’s a girl --and then it’s a M A N!

Hiii Baalrieth…
You are absolutely right, it commonly happens! Really weird but so funny…People sometimes can be the victims of Cyberlove…yeah…that 's a such of feeling game…regarding the imagination they created, they ignore who are their real partner whether female or male, the most important… they get something fun in Cyber world…

Two Words “Fake” “Unreliable”!:wink:

Yeah…Fake…just Fake …lol:…!!

Dear Katty and Muihpu,
Fake, unreliable…so true. But unbelievable, a friend of mine, a young girl from somewhere in Asia country, has a real heartache, because she truly loves his boy friend on net, but he cheated her, betrayed her and finally left her. She has heartache after break up. She got nothing except wound in heart…:frowning:

Find your love through internet does not works in most cases.

Yes, you’re right…in most cases, we found it as nothing. Wasting our time a lot. You too, have bad experience in it? Hopefully not…

Sorry to know about your friend Pippi. Better left her now on internet, rather than in person. That would have hurt more. She will get over it. Hopefully.
I just don’t get it why do people fall over internet. I mean half the time images are created in photoshop. Nobody knows the real you. And worse is with introduction of facebook, life has somewhat become complicated , and there are more break ups!

@Katty: Thanks so much for your empathy to my friend. I called her Jee. This morning she sent me another message. She 's really hurtful. And getting more pain, because his boyfriend gave his password to his new girl friend. Jee did stupid thing. It makes her being more hurtful. She never thought his Ex gave his password to anyone else, and when she sent private message to him, his new girl friend who replied it. For sure, replying with very bad and rude words. She becomes frustrates. I dislike this very much…she was treated unfair…but it’s also her fault,never be aware and take so seriously in Cyber love…yeah, hopefully she will get over it, as you wish. Many thanks.

Based on my experience, no man can be trusted in the internet. They always want to talk about sex, sex and sex. So, my advice is please stay away from man in the cyber world.

Yes…so true. Men always want to make their partner in chatting “as an object” of their imagination…It 's a such of sexual abuse…and for sure, women become victims…For the sake of insanity, we need to give them any lesson, giving them “punishment”, and ask our friend (males) to pretend to be women,:slight_smile:

Yup. I agree with you, Pipiii. So, I think you have to inform your friend that she should be grateful because has been saved from that men. Then, you tell her that please do not ever try to seek for a boyfriend in the internet. Internet is the market for men for having their sex fantasy after they have failed in the reality life.

*Hope you understand of what i am trying to say. I am in the process of learning English

@Salmonella: Yes I have informed to her…as you told, she must be grateful, that God keeps her away from bad guy like him. Even though these days she feels so hurtful, but one day she will realize that everything happens for good. There’s always blessing in disguised behind it. Many thanks Salmonella…