What do you think a metaphor is?

Interesting word is metaphor. And it is also called a figure of speech. Read any book, any newspaper, any magazine and as sure as eggs is eggs (that’s not a metaphor, it’s a simile) you just can’t help bumping into them. And that’s the point. When you use a metaphor, you are not comparing one word with another but you are stating that one word is another word. It’s like in a supermarket when you buy one and get one free. You could say - two for the price of one. Confused? Let me explain. If say - She really is a little mouse - I am not saying she IS a mouse but that she behaves like a little mouse. In other words she is very timid and very shy. Got it? Well, try to explain these metaphors in simple language -

  1. I told him that he is wasting money and his business is a dead duck.

  2. They refuse to buy any new equipment for their office and are complete dinosaurs.

  3. She is 6 years old and you have to admit she is a little angel.

  4. He helped us out when we had problems and is an absolute star.

  5. We were driving along a quiet road when this madman drove into us.

  6. You can’t possibly vote for that baboon in the General Election.

  7. We had a lovely holiday swimming in the lake. It was a perfect mill pond.

  8. He’s really rude when he’s angry and invariably barks at you if you make a mistake.

  9. Don’t believe all those stories about her. She’s a lamb really.

  10. He means well. He’s actually falling over backwards to help you.

What do you think these metaphors really mean?


I think the dead duck here refers to a useless or fruitless endevaour.

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This one reminds me of the current German government.

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