What do you call "something which makes you wait in line in order" ?


For these couple of decades we often see it at crowded checking counters, crowded entrances, etc, which is for people waiting in line in perfect order.

For example, @
english-test.net/toeic/liste … rport.html
you can see it at the nearest to the camera.

In former days, they might have been using ropes for that purpose. But it is not ropes.
There are a lot of poles to support it, or the poles themselves are the part of it.
Between the poles, there is/are rope-equivalent black-and-white-striped tie/ties or band/bands.

What do you call it?

Thank you

You mean tensioned retractable barriers, also known as belt barriers, Crazycats.
equip4work.co.uk/shop/traffi … ystem.html

Thank you, Beeesneees, I got it. :slight_smile: