What do u want to talk about OR what do u want to talking...

hello every body .

there is something made me confused

which is right ?

what do u want to talk about ?
what do u want to talking about ?

Hi smart

I haven’t welcomed you to the forum yet, so I’ll do that now. Welcome! :smiley:

As to your question, the correct sentence is “What do you want to talk about?

After the word “want” you need either a noun or to+verb. You should not use the “ing-form” after the word to in most cases.

My extra tip for you: Because we try to write correct English here, you should also write the word you correctly. :wink:


as [size=200]you[/size] say sir

thank [size=150]you[/size] so much Yankee for welcoming me .and iam very happy here with [size=150]you[/size]

and iam greatful to [size=150]you[/size] for your response.

[size=150]Thank you[/size], smart! You’re a very fast learner. :wink: :smiley:

By the way, you also shouldn’t call me “sir” because I’m not a man. You can call me Amy or Yankee … or ma’am, if you prefer being formal. :lol:


oke ma’am i’d like to call you ma’am because my natural ma’am is far away from me .i mean she lives in another city and i visit her twice amounth.

i well be good son for you.

you have to take care me because iam your son.

regards ma’am.