What do these sentences mean?

“Deeming that serene and unconscious contemplation of him would best beseem me, and would be most likely to quell his evil mind, I advanced with that expression of countenance, and was rather congratulating myself on my success…”

“His sufferings were hailed with the greatest joy by a knot of spectators, and I felt utterly confounded.”

“…when I again beheld Trabb’s boy shooting round by a back way.”

“The disgrace attendant on his immediately afterwards taking to crowing and pursuing me across the bridge with crows…”

Whoa! What are you reading there, girl? :slight_smile:

Figuring that thinking about him quietly and unconsciously would be most appropriate for me, and would probably make his evil mind quiet down, I went forward with that expression on my face and was congratulating myself on my success.

His suffering was enthusiastically enjoyed by a close group of people who were watching it, and I felt completely confused.

…when I saw Trabb’s young servant again quickly running around and taking a back way.

Immediately afterward, he shamefully began to make loud noises (they could have been noises like a bird makes, or they could have been triumphant cheers) and chasing me across the bridge while still making these noises.