What do these phrases mean?

there are a lot of phtases in the Enlglish languge,but their means could not be translated easily.I have some difficulties in these phrases.
1give you the shirt off his back

2 laugh up one’s sleeve

3 face lift

4 bear up well

5 square deal

6now you’re talking.

7rat race

8wall flower

9fall back on

10before you know it

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what they mean ??? why do you keep us waiting tell and we can get comfortable???

First: What do these expressions mean? (not all of them are phrases or idioms.)

Second: “they can not be understood easily.”

  1. the shirt off sb’s back:
    Meaning: the last thing that someone has left:
    to give every thing.

e.g: He’s the kind of man who’d give you the shirt off his back.
2. Laugh up one’s sleeve : to be secretly amused.
e.g.: They’re very polite in your presence, but you get the feeling they’re laughing up their sleeves.

  1. facelift :
    a. a Countable noun; a medical treatment which tightens loose skin to make the face look younger

b. a noun that is always used in singular; treatment to improve something, for example a building, to make it look more attractive:
e.g.: The bank is planning to give its 1930s building a complete facelift.

  1. bear up (well) : is a phrasal verb;
    tolerate ; uphold; not despair.

  2. square deal : a fair acceptable agreement;
    e.g.: We got a square deal on the car.

  3. now you’re talking : giving information required or wanted.

  4. rat race : In modern society, people competing with each other for power and money.
    e.g.: Let us get out of this rat race and find some peace.

  5. wall flower: written ;wallflower:
    a pleasant smelling garden plant that has yellow, orange or brown flowers which grow in groups;
    a shy person a girl or a woman who does not show in social activities, and remains alone and aloof.

  6. before you know it:
    something may occur, before you can take the precautions.
    e.g.: If you indulge in jobbing, you will land in dire troubles before you know it.

This is to add to my last post.

wall flower: written : wallflower:
a shy person, a girl or a woman, who does not show any interest in social activities, and remains alone and aloof.

Fall back on: To fall back on sth.: A phrasal verb:
to use something for help because no other choice is available:
e.g.: 1. When the business failed, we had to fall back on our savings.
2. If I lose my job, I’ll have nothing to fall back on.

Could you please explain what “indulge in jobbing” means?

‘To indulge in jobbig’ is a term related to the share market.
Jobbers speculate. They buy and sell on the same day, expecting to make quick money. They also go for futures. Some make money. But many lose everything they have, and find themselves on the streets. I hope, I have made the thing clear.

Yes, it’s clear now. Thank you very much.

Thank you Narayanan Krishnaswamy!
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I wish to announce that the author of the some of the posts here english-test.net/forum/ftopic1544.html#8186, Prof. Narayanan Krishnaswamy has passed on to a better world.
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Dear Hari Om,

Thank you very much for passing on the sad news. We are sorry to hear Prof. Narayanan Krishnaswamy has passed away.

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