what can I do for improving my TOEFL writing?

hello, Mr.Kitosdad,

thanks for your helps
what can I do for improving my writing?

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Parisa, you must do as much reading as you can. Read everything in English that you can lay your hands on. Don’t only read it … speak it aloud as you do so.
I have written about eighty stories on the Speaking and Pronunciation thread. They are quite simple and entertaining, with the occasional “difficult” word thrown in for you to look up in your dictionary.

Have fun. Kitos.

Hello Mr. Kitosdad,

One of the work that I do to improve my writing is reading the essays which my Iranian friends write and you grade them. In this way, I can see what kind of mistakes they do. we usually have common mistakes due to translation problem. Furthermore, in this way I can use their style of writing and learn some new words that they have read in the TOEFL books.
What’s your idea about this work? I think it is much better for the TOEFL writing.

Many thanks,

Mohammad, anything you find helpful is good.It is nice that you read essay corrections, but surely perfectly written text would serve you better … newspapers.