What books talk about common mistakes in English?

what books talk about common mistakes in english? or what english learning books are recommended in general?


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Hi bbbb,

Professor Paul Brians has written a book called “Common Errors in English”, which might be of interest to you. The book is available for purchase in major bookstores, and has also been made available online: wsu.edu/~brians/errors/

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thanks, i will check it.

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do you know about grammar mistakes books? extensive for beginners for example?

Hi bbbb,

Why are you interested in mistakes rather than in proper English?

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i don’t know. i mean one that show a variety of mistakes and the proper way to say it as well. so it sounds to me similar.

like grammar mistakes.

Why not learn correct phrases so you know what sounds right? If learn proper English, you will also be able to recognize mistakes. I think it’s more effective to concentrate on the correct phrases – if you spend too much time on mistakes, it will be more difficult for you to avoid them.

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thanks, i don’t know if i understand you. i don’t know if you gave explanation to what you’re saying.

i wondered myself whaat good english learning books there are and if there are important books or books parts about common mistakes and confusing things in english.

Well, I was trying to explain that I think it’s more effective to surround you by English everyday and copy correct phrases from authentic resources instead of looking for a book that contains all the mistakes made by English speakers. You might want to read How to learn English and share your opinion on it.

By the way, one of the mistakes in English is not to capitalize the personal I. The word English is capitalized too and you probably know that you start a sentence with a capital letter.

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ok, i wasn’t sure about your meaning about the word phrases.
i prefer many time to not use phrases which are not simlple.
i still surprised i wasn’t saw many recommendations for english learning books while this language is very desired by many.

i will checkk the link you added later.

i don’t like to use capitalize letters. i meant to more grammar mistakes less than this example of writing mistake.

but i was looked for english books recommendation in general and not just mistakes.

for example the differation of has, had were was etc

Eats, Shoots And Leaves

(or “Eats Chutes And Leaves” – I forget which)

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i’ve looked at the table of content. this book is not clear to me. it wasn’t seems to me to be teaching book.

I agree with Torsten , while you learn correct English you won’t need to worry about mistakes ; you will correct yorself automatically,however, I can introduce a really good book to you written by T. j. Fitikides on “Common Mistakes in English”.
by reading this book you would realize what are the aspects in learning English that new learners usually don’t pay attention to.
Good Luck


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thank you