What billionaires say about universal basic income?



A few billionaires own have more material riches than half the population of the United States and the gap between the super rich and the poor is constantly widening. I mean, Jeff Bezos for example owns the insane amount of 150.000 million dollars. That’s absolutely crazy. Why would a single person need 150 billion dollars :dollar:? What for? So, below you can read what some of the existing billionaires think about a universal basic income (UBI) and I agree with them.


Actually I find it amazing that exactly those people that are yearning about high taxes and intensively seek for taxe paradieses on the other side request governments to pay an UBI.
What I would like to see are their ideas who could pay the governments to enable them for their suggestions.
Yes, I know there are some millionairs and even billionairs that are ready to fillful their tasks, but unfortumnately it is the minority of them.