What are your favorite phrase verbs, quotes...?

Haha…^^ I have just surfed a web and come across the phrase “next to nothing”.
I know next to nothing about him.
The phrase is completely new to me and I am happy knowing its meaning!
I would like to know your opinion. What are your favorite phrase verbs, quotes,…or something new to you as well ?

My favourite: Let bygones be bygones.(= to forget about disagreements that happened in the past)

Good evening, Kati Svaby!
I like that idiom too but I didn’t know the English version. Interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Today, there is a structure that seems rather strange to me.

  1. I see him nowhere.
    2 I love you no more.
    In my native language, all people will say like this:
  2. I don’t see him anywhere.
    2 I don’t love you anymore.
    I think if I say these sentences above, they will find it funny and maybe laugh at me!!! -:slight_smile:

Most people in the West would laugh too. Those are formal structures which are not generally used in everyday conversation.

Hello Screen,

Yes its origin is from Shakespeare but it became an English saying/idiom/phrase as “To Be or Not to Be.”
I never crossed my mind to translate into my native language. It is an English idiom:" Lets bygones be bygones" - I like with these words only. We say in my native language: "All goes away once or all comes to an end "

There is another one what I use very frequently: “Live and let live.”

Do you know The phrase finder? About the origin of this first you can read here.
phrases.org.uk/meanings/let- … gones.html