What are the three degrees of comparison? (adjectives: as...as)

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Could you explain me the rule of as adjective as ? please :roll:

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Hi Herc,

There are three so called degrees of comparison - 1 positive - 2 comparative and 3 superlative

as in

1 This fruit is as sweet as that one (the same)

2 This fruit is sweeter than that one (more sweet)

3 This fruit is the sweetest of all three fruits (the most sweet).


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It sounds the same meaning or like it so much …so it’s a positive


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Positive is the name of the so called degree of comparision, isn?t it?

For example: If I?m as thick as an elephant and as weak as a fly, could that be positive? :shock: :lol:


Hi Michael

Are you getting philosophical on us? :lol:

When you use as … as, you are comparing two things and saying that they’re equal or the same.

A “negative” comparison would be not as … as:
Connecticut is not as big as Texas. :smiley:

Philosphically speaking, when you consider a fly’s strength in proportion to its size, isn’t a fly exceptionally strong? :lol:


Dear Amy

Please see if the given sentences are correct.

1- I am not half as old as your sister.

2- His English is not one fourth as good as his father’s.

3- Building a new house will cost you thrice as much money

as your father lost in the gambling.

4- Building a new house will cost you three times the

money your father lost in the gambling

4-Cutting this grass will take you double the time it took
the grass to grow.

Ever yours


Hi Tom

Corrections/comments are in the quote. :smiley: