What are the synonyms of 'holding and toying something in your hand'?

Hi, I have a question about word choice.

Do you know the word that I’m thinking of? I vaguely remember that I has once encounter that word, and after looking up in Oxford Dictionary, the word means you hold something in your hand, for example an eraser, and play with it for a while, for example roll it, or keep drumming it on the table or moving it, and more importantly, you don’t notice what you are holding and toying in your hand, because you are paying attention to something else.

I tried to search for the word in the dictionary, and it took almost an afternoon, but I failed. Do you know that word? Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance.

One word is that you’re “fiddling” with it.

Or toying with it, or simply playing with it.

Hi sympathy,

There are a few other synonymous that come to mind - fidgeting, fumbling or twiddling with something.

But ‘fiddling’ is probably the most common one when it comes to playing around/on something.

Thank you very much, Barb_D and Ralf.
I have looked up “fiddle” in the Oxford Dictionary, and it seems to be the word I want.
And I also thank you for the word “fumble” and “twiddle.” THank you very much.

Hi sympathy,

It’s always a good idea to use a thesaurus. There are quite a few online, too (google thesaurus+english). If you look up ‘play’ or ‘play around’, you find quite a few entries. Of course, they only work for you in case you’re already familiar with the word suggestions. But you can spend hours swerving around in a thesaurus!