What are the qualities of a good neighbor?

[color=darkred]TOPIC: Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

In today’s world social life, no one can prevent from dealing with his neighbors in the community. Merely does upon having a proper neighbor, one might has a sense of convenience in his dwelling. A proper neighbor should provide other resident with tranquility in community, with their own rights, and also with probable requirements.

Firstly and most importantly, a delightful neighbor should try to preserve the calmness and tranquility of his neighbors. With no any doubt, all of us in nowadays harsh status quo need convenient in our home. After a hard work out of the house from dawn to dusk we need a profound sleep to below a fresh sprit into our exhausted body. Now imagine a condition that after a hard day in the library of the university a student encounter with an unbearable noise from his obnoxious neighbor. Clearly, just preserving the other’s calmness is the most important quality of a good neighbor.

Some neighbors annoy dwellers with inadvertent tasks such as using other’s parking lot in an apartment or exploiting out side facilities of his neighbor. A well-behaved neighbor does not give permission to himself to use other’s possessions without any approval. This attitude might motivate one to help even more than what his neighbor wants to borrow. For example, when one wants to use the bike of his neighbor, he might get his car instead.

Lastly, a generous neighbor is one who helps his neighbor in hard conditions. He knows about the requirements of his neighbor and would be pioneer to solve them. He lends some money to his miserable neighbor or even with no any expectation consent to borrow his possessions. He tries to help before request, but, in the other hand, he does not act intrusively to become aware of his neighbor affairs.

In conclusion, a good neighbor should be a nice people who does not disturb his community, be a polite one to obtain permission to use other’s possessions, and also be a generous in helping other tenants. The importance of being a good neighbor is so high that there are several legal rules to protect the neighbor’s right in all countries. Being a really good neighbor does not need any mandatory rules but requires our mutual action. When one himself is a good neighbor, his neighbor would motivate be a better one.

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